Mental Health,

Universally Understood.

The world's first accredited and globally inclusive workplace mental health advocate programme, available in all countries and all languages.


We're on a Mission...

Poor employee mental health cost the global economy an estimated £2.1 trillion every year (AXA, 2023). We are on a collective mission to transform workplace employee mental health worldwide, breaking down barriers and creating a working future where everyone can thrive.

Our international mental health first aid course is proud to be:

Globally Consistent

Unlike any other mental health first aid programmes, IAMH prioritises support and resources on a worldwide scale rather than adopting regionalised approaches.

Culturally Inclusive

Our cross-cultural communication specialists ensure that our course is sensitive to diverse cultural perspectives, enabling effective communication and support.

Universally Understood

As a globally consistent course, IAMH can be delivered in any country and in any language to suit organisation requirements.

Combined Years of Experience

IAMH Mental Health Advocate Courses for the Workplace

Standard Course

Discover more information on our accredited International Advocate for Mental Health Course.

Ongoing Support

Continued supervision support for qualified International Advocates for Mental Health.

International Institute of Risk & Safety Management

IAMH are proud to be fully accredited by the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management.

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